27 ways to find great content ideas

content ideas

  1. (18m) Collection tips! Drafts App, Evernote and Chase’s keyword/tag trick.

    “Make the right thing the easy thing to do.”
      or copy + Facebook

  2. (25m) Disciplined non writing get’s you chomping at the bit. (Chase mentions travel.)
  3. (26m) Create a trigger points list, a list of events that would cause someone to look for a solution to their problem. (Definitely listen to this one… great insights from Barrett.)
  4. (29m) Create a learning timeline. List the stages from novice to expert.
  5. (31m) Do. Learn. Go. — new things/places that you’ve never done/learned/visited before.

    “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” ~ John le Carre
      or copy + Facebook

  6. (37m) Express passion about a belief you have that the world should embrace.
  7. (38m) Look through the lens of emotions. Fear. Embarrassment. Passion. Rage. Envy. Lust. etc.
  8. (41m) Magazines: check out the table of contents, read only the articles that interest you.
  9. (43m) Write every day for xx number of days.
  10. (44m) Google auto complete!
  11. (45m) Answer reader/listener/visitor/subscriber questions.
  12. (47m) Ask everyone who signs up for your email: ‘what’s one thing you’re struggling with right now as [your niche here]?’
  13. (46m) Ask powerful questions. “What’s the worst thing that happened to you this week?”
  14. (49m) Create a structured series to leverage real-time-ness. (You’ll have to listen to this one.)
  15. (52m) Read every post on a single author blog. You’ll see how they grow and change over time.
  16. (53m) Get personal. 1). reveal things about yourself, get uncomfortably personal… embarrassing, touching, passionate stuff. 2). Talk to yourself publicly. Write posts to yourself. use your self talk publicly.
  17. (56m) Try different formats of posts. long. short. image. story. data. infographic. etc.
  18. (57m) Be a journalist instead of a teacher. Tell someone else’s story.
  19. (58m) Your story. what was hard. what was easy, what you wish you would have known.
  20. (59m) News in your industry.
  21. (60m) Curate and synthesize. read several books on a topic and summarize the bigger picture.
  22. (60m) Get as close to the actual thing that happened as possible. Most people operate at the level of hearsay.
  23. (61m) Amazon TOC of books. also 3 star reviews.
  24. (62m) Social media, find the leaders/influencers: what are they talking about? What seems to be popular?
  25. (63m) Subscribe to help a reporter out. Help a Reporter Out.
  26. (63m) Ask your spouse/partner/friend about the topic. Develop your empathy muscle.
  27. (64m) The Periodic Table of Content Marketing (source). Really helpful to slice and dice some ideas up.

“Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. It is this genuine caring, and not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style.”

Kurt Vonnegut

27 Ways to Stumble on Unbeatable Content Ideas (FS088)


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