What Makes Trader Joe’s Unique?

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Trader Joe’s is unique because it has a competitive advantage of embracing the immigrant perspective by focusing on cultural awareness to expand their brand.  They have more of a culturally-tailored approach that is considered unconventional.  Trader Joe’s is also known to rotate products around to get customers to walk slowly and pay more attention to their products.  To save money Trader Joe’s does not employ as many as one would normally expect at Target, Meijer, Walmart, or Costco.  Employees are dressed in Hawaiian shirts suggesting a fun atmosphere.  There are no positions as butcher or baker because the meats are precut and baked goods are premade.  A typical grocery store has close to 50,000 items but Trader Joes has about 4,000.  Trader Joe’s stores are smaller and 80% of the items are store brand goods.  A limited selection of items means a quicker turnaround for the store and a larger…

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