Superbowl Ads inforgraphic

Which brand won the social media attention during Super Bowl 2015? The surveys from various sources are all still coming in. From Engagor, McDonald’s seems to have been a big winner.

Engagor is a platform for monitoring social activity across the web. For Super Bowl 49, it analyzed social data around brands and the ads they ran. Here’s an infographic on its findings, with a written summary of some key facts below the infographic:

findings super bowl

Among the findings:

  • Of 2 million Super Bowl social mentions on Twitter and Facebook, Twitter was ahead with about 75% of them.
  • McDonald’s was the most discussed advertiser.
  • T-Mobile was the most engaged advertiser, meaning it responded back to people the most via social.
  • McDonald’s, followed by Coca-Cola, Nationwide, Budweiser and T-Mobile had the most buzzing ads in terms of mentions.
  • T-Mobile’s had that the most positive sentiment, 60%, while Nationwide had the worst at 45% negative.
  • 77% of mentions happened via mobile devices.
  • McDonald’s gained the top tweet when it promised to give away a Lexus NX for retweets.
  • 68% of men were from men; 32 from women.

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