Tops Entrepreneurs’ Priority Lists for 2015

With an eye on the future, small businesses plan to invest most heavily in technology in 2015, according to a report fromeMarketer. The research indicated that 45 percent of small business owners expect to make technology purchases this year, more than double the number for office supplies, which was the second highest category.

trendsOther recent research also revealed just how serious small businesses are about getting new technology. When asked for the “holiday gifts” they wanted most this winter, in an October survey by Manta, a new computer topped the list, ahead of new customers or more money for business purposes. Meanwhile, a study from PNC Financial Services Group last summer found that 36 percent of small businesses owners planned to increase their spending on technology over the next six months. Additionally, technology was the most-cited category in an American Express survey last year looking at the areas in which small businesses planned to make capital investments.

The eMarketer report also points to a September survey from ad agency Cargo showing that nearly twice as many small business owners expected to spend more for computer equipment than expected to spend less. [Workers Want Say in Technology Adoption ]

“While computers may seem passé to consumers in the smartphone age, they remain important for small businesses,” the eMarketer study authors wrote.

However, the new research shows that despite their intentions, small businesses won’t spend the money on technology if they aren’t positive it will provide a significant benefit.

“Technology is a common denominator in small companies’ shopping lists,” the study’s authors wrote. “But [small business owners] will not spend on it willy-nilly, especially if unconvinced that up-to-date technology is essential to their success.”

In addition to technology, small business owners plan to spend money on office equipment, manufacturing and production equipment, office furnishings, real estate, and other items.


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