Ionic Security rakes in $40.1M to encrypt your documents


As large-scale data breaches become more commonplace, Ionic Security is betting that encryption is the way to go for enterprises to protect themselves, and its taken in a $40.1 million series C funding round to prove its point. The startup now has a total of $78.1 million.

The basic premise behind Ionic Security is to secure company data — regardless of file type — through encryption so that an organization’s information can remain safely scrambled from prying eyes in case of a break-in or document leak, explained Ionic Security founder and CTO Adam Ghetti.

The Atlanta-based startup’s technology platform is “all about protecting data in such a way so unauthorized users shouldn’t be able to do unauthorized things,” said Ghetti.

Ghetti didn’t go into details on how exactly Ionic Security’s technology does this, citing that the company is still in stealth mode and plans on explaining more of its…

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