Creation of Noisz

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The growing need for internet services especially in Greece, where the business are still not aware of the great importance in social media exposure or at least their immediate gain on using social media ,  led us to create this company. Wanting to aid smaller and personal companies ,friends as we see it venture easier and with a professional ad visor next to them in their internet journey.

Created in 2015 where communication with your customers has grown to a whole different level Noisz understands the importance of engaging content.Wanting to fill a time gap for business owners and their constant interaction in the social media world we ensure with professionalism your identity will be clearly shown to your customers.Aiming to create more direct communication and customer engagement with your company endeavors Noisz will Expose , help , advice to wards a successful social media presence.

Creating, maintaining, improve and manage your social media with experienced professionals we ensure your social media presence represents your companies character and engages with your audience in a fashionable daily manner. Exposure in many platforms and managing your accounts guarantees to satisfy even the most demanding customer communication and audience reach possible.



Either cause you want to create a social profile from scratch or just get a social media advice for your ongoing campaigns Noisz experienced members are here to help you out. We are here to help you out and guide you in the world of social media.




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